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Rita Semel Endowment Fund
P.O. Box 29055
San Francisco, CA
Mobile: 415.425.9631
Office: 415.474.1321
All are welcome!  Bring a friend!


Thursday, November 13, 2014
8:00 am - 9:30 am

St. Mark's Lutheran Church - Heritage Hall
(1111 O'Farrell St. at Franklin, San Francisco)
Please do not park in the St. Mark's lot as those
spaces are rented to others. Parking is available
across the street at St. Mary's Cathedral.

Pacifica Institute
Ada Lowe
Community Preparedness Volunteer
American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter

Yo Yoshida
Founder, Appallicious

Yo Yoshida
is a seasoned innovator and entrepreneur with a passion for
government and technology. He took his passion and over 15 years of
experience in technology, marketing, finance, non-profits, and sustainable
development to create
Appallicious. As a leader in the Civic Tech and
Open Data Industries he has won national awards, has been published in
numerous articles in mainstream and industry media, and has received
national recognition by the tech, business, and government leadership.
Yo was recently honored to present from the White House, the Disaster
Assistance and Assessment Dashboard (DAAD), to the nation as a
technology solution for disasters.

Appallicious is an open data visualization company that creates products
to help government better serve its citizens. For the last year we have
been collaborating with the White House, FEMA, and the OpenFEMA labs
to create a comprehensive platform to help communities stay whole after
disaster strikes. The DAAD uses open data to assess community
resiliency, increase disaster preparedness and promote economic
recovery in the wake of a disaster. DAAD enables citizens, faith based
organizations, businesses, and governments to share resources, request
assistance, and better understand the potential for recovery on a
localized basis - all in one platform. DAAD further empowers communities
and businesses to list their available assets in a shareable marketplace
for the federal and local government to hire or source resources locally
while rebuilding.

Susan Tenby
Director of Community and Partnerships
Caravan Studios


Susan Tenby
has worked in online community management for 14 years
and has been active in social media since 2006. In her current position as
Director of Community and Partnerships for Caravan Studios, Susan runs
all the social channels for the organization, she drives a large portion of
the partnership conversation openers using her unique ability to turn a
tweet into a meeting. As the original Online Community Director of
TechSoup, Susan was responsible for launching the organization's active
community and social media presence. Caravan Studios is a division of
TechSoup Global that makes apps for social benefit organizations.

In the cracks of her time, Susan consults with organizations on Online
Community and Social Media Strategy and also runs the largest and
longest running meetup for online community and social media
professionals, The San Francisco Online Community Meetup, with an
active and engaged membership of over 1700 community managers.

Dr. Sally Wei, Director
Tzu Chi Foundation - Santa Rosa