Accomplishments and Plans of the SFIC 2016 - 2017

Convening, Communicating, and Advocacy

The San Francisco Interfaith Council's work centers on civil rights, homelessness, housing affordability, and disaster preparedness. The SFIC convenes and amplifies the voice of our city's faith-based community on these important issues.

Our Mission

History teaches us that many of the world’s conflicts are rooted in religious strife. Founded in 1988, the San Francisco Interfaith Council (SFIC) seeks to counter this historical trend by “Celebrating our diverse faiths and spiritual traditions, bringing people together to build understanding and serving our community.”

Who We Serve

We count as our constituents the 800 congregations in the City of San Francisco, their respective judicatories, sectarian educational and healthcare institutions, and the faith-based social service agencies that provide the social safety net for our most vulnerable residents.

Our Work

During this time of social change in San Francisco, civic leaders and the public view the SFIC as the "go-to" organization for mobilizing our City's religious communities. Congregations and faith-based agencies turn to us for resources, referral and representation. Our robust relationships and communications network of over 4,000 e-subscribers allow the SFIC to bring together and mobilize San Francisco's faith-based community to create an effective, combined force for service and issues of public policy, so that we may accomplish together what no single congregation can alone.

Broad Civic Engagement

Because of the important stakeholder role the SFIC plays in these many arenas, the SFIC has been invited to take a place at many tables. SFIC Executive Director Michael Pappas currently serves on the SF Human Rights Commission, the SF Disaster Council, and The San Francisco Foundation FAITHS Leadership Council.

San Francisco State University (SFSU) President, Dr. Les Wong, responding to tensions that have flared between student groups, campus climate and employee satisfaction, has created the President’s Task Force on Campus Climate. President Wong recently invited SFIC Executive Director Michael G. Pappas to serve as a member of that task force. Through policy recommendations, the ultimate goal will be to reaffirm SFSU’s commitment to the ideals of social justice, equity, inclusion and tolerance, the core values that support the institution’s mission of providing an education to its students and true preparation for living a life of principle and value.

The accomplishments noted in the ”Ongoing Programs” and ”Special Programs” sections represent only a part of our work. The accomplishments noted are the work of two full-time staff (Executive Director, Michael Pappas and Program/Administrative Associate, Cynthia Zamboukos), an active Board of Directors, the tireless volunteer efforts of our Past Chair, Rita R. Semel, and other dedicated volunteers. We gratefully acknowledge the funding provided by congregations, judicatories, agencies, individuals, and foundations which makes these achievements and others not listed here possible.

The Accomplishments and Plans 2016-2017 document may be viewed here.