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Born in the aftermath of the 1989
Loma Prieta earthquake, the San
Francisco Interfaith Council has
for 25 years brought people of
different faith traditions together,
bringing spiritual comfort at times
of crisis, building understanding
among various religious traditions,
celebrating our diversity, and
coordinating services to the
citizens of San Francisco.

Since its incorporation in 1991, the
San Francisco Interfaith Council has
both been asked and has taken
initiatives to fulfill its mission of bringing
people together to build understanding
Until the appointment of
Pappas as Executive Director, the San
Francisco Interfaith Council has done
all of this with a volunteer staff and
board of directors. It has been said
that if the San Francisco Interfaith
Council ceased to exist, the religious
leaders of our city would find it
necessary to create one. In this time
P.O. Box 29055
San Francisco, CA
Mobile: 415.425.9631
Office: 415.474.1321
when interfaith understanding and
cooperation is essential, it is important for
religious communities and agencies
of San Francisco to come together and
support interfaith work.

“This is an interfaith community.  
Whatever our individual belief, it can be
freely expressed here with no apologies.  
If we are invited to offer a prayer in this
setting, it should be offered according to
the tradition with which we identify. If we
are invited to speak on a subject from the
perspective of our tradition, we are free to
do so without fear of offending those who
come from another tradition. We come
together as people of faith to learn
fromeach other that we might better
understand the multiplicity of faith
traditions in our city andin our world.”

Introductory Statement spoken before each meeting
Interfaith Shelter
Rita Semel Endowment Fund
Upcoming Events
Through the SFIC’s leadership, an Interfaith
Winter Shelter Program was coordinated which
annually commences the Sunday prior to
Thanksgiving and runs through late February.
Celebrating over 23 years of service, thanks in
large part to the efforts of past Chair Rita Semel,
Episcopal Community Services, four host and
over 30 meal providing congregations the
Interfaith Winter Shelter Program has emerged
as one of San Francisco’s premier shelter
programs and last year provided over 8,900
meals and shelter beds to homeless men in the
(photo by Peter Lemieux)
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Interfaith Activities
Monday, January 19, 2015
11:00 am (March/Parade)
From Caltrain Depot at 4th and
A host of other activities and programs
that will take place to mark the occasion
may be found on the San Francisco
Interfaith Council partner organization’s