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Celebrating Over 25 Years of Faith-Based Collaboration:                   Together We Can Do More!

“This is an interfaith community. Whatever our individual belief, it can be freely expressed here with no apologies. If we are invited to offer a prayer in this setting, it should be offered according to the tradition with which we identify. If we are invited to speak on a subject from the perspective of our tradition, we are free to do so without fear of offending those who come from another tradition. We come together as people of faith to learn from each other that we might better understand the multiplicity of faith traditions in our city and in our world.”
Introductory Statement spoken before each meeting

Our Mission

History teaches us that many of the world’s conflicts are rooted in religious strife. Here in San Francisco, the San Francisco Interfaith Council (SFIC) seeks to “Celebrate our diverse faiths and spiritual traditions, bring people together to build understanding and serve our community,” and thus, counter that historical trend.

Who We Serve

We count as our constituents the 800 congregations in the City and County of San Francisco, their respective judicatories, sectarian educational and healthcare institutions, as well as the faith-based social service agencies that provide the social safety net for our most vulnerable residents.

Our Work

Civic leaders and the public increasingly view the SFIC as the “go-to” organization for mobilizing the religious communities of our City. Congregations and faith-based agencies look to the SFIC for resources, referral and representation. Our relationships with key civic agencies and non-governmental organizations alike are strong, enabling us to enhance our core missions of responding to homelessness and disasters. Perhaps most importantly, by bringing the religious community together, the SFIC creates an effective, combined force for service and issues of public policy, allowing us to accomplish what no single congregation or organization can.

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Accomplishments and Plans 2016-2017

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"Ministering to the Homeless" Resources

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Faith and Sanctuary: There Are No Strangers Video

The San Francisco Interfaith Council is pleased to share with our greater community the video featured at the 18th Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Prayer Breakfast on Tuesday, November 24, 2015.  The Prayer Breakfast, with its theme, "Faith and Sanctuary: There Are No Strangers" honored congregations and leaders who pioneered San Francisco's Sanctuary Movement 30 years ago, recognized those who continue the tradition and highlighted young people for whom the City's commitment has provided hope and safety! In this video, you will see and hear just a little over four minutes of testimony, of over eight hours of never-before-recorded precious archival  footage on this timely subject. We extend special thanks to all who appeared in this segment and to producer Theo Rigby and his team. With this material, and additional  interviews, it is our hope and vision to produce a more expansive and well-deserved full-length documentary on the Sanctuary Movement.

SANCTUARY: A short history from Theo Rigby on Vimeo.